13 Ways to Save Major Money at Sam's Club

If you know how to be a smart shopper, there's no doubt you have a Sam's Club membership. The wholesale store offers ridiculously good deals on just about anything you can think of: groceries, furniture, clothes, and tons more products. If you want to save even more when you head into the store, we've got some tips and tricks that will make shopping even better. Keep reading to learn them all!

Buy the store's brands.

Buy the store's brands.

Sam's Club has its own brands like Daily Chef and Member's Mark that tend to have lower prices than brand names you might be more familiar with.


Keep an eye out for the clearance sections.

The store often puts discounted products up toward the registers or the very back of the store. It's easy to find some fun products for affordable prices.

Check out the store's Shocking Values section online.

Check out the store's Shocking Values section online.

The Sam's Club website has a Shocking Values section where heavily discounted, highly coveted items are available for a limited amount of time. There's a timer on each product that shows you how much time you have left to purchase the item.


Take a friend with you to split the details.

If you simply don't have the room for buying items in bulk, take a friend with you and split everything in half. You'll still experience the discounts.

Go shopping with a list.
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Go shopping with a list.

It's really easy to get distracted by all the products inside the store, and that means you'll walk away with more than you planned on buying. Make a list of the items you need and stick to your plan.


Bring cash with you to pay for your items.

Leave the credit and debit cards behind! If you bring a limited amount of cash, you'll have no choice but to only buy as many items as you can afford. It's an easy way to limit yourself.


Find out the unit price of the bulk item you're buying.

Sometimes buying things in bulk doesn't necessarily mean you're saving any money. Figure out what the price per unit is before you grab that giant unit of products!

Utilize Sam's Club Instant Savings deals.

Utilize Sam's Club Instant Savings deals.

Check out Sam's Club Instant Savings for any products you may need. Offers are electronically loaded to your card and automatically redeemed at checkout.


Meat is one of the best things to buy.

The large quantities of meat are constantly being discounted and the store has a wide variety of options. It may seem like a lot of meat to buy, but you can separate portions into bags and freeze them for later dates.


Invest in the large units of household products you need.

Buying large amounts of cleaning products and items you need on a daily basis always pays off — they're much more affordable in mass quantities.


Get your gas at Sam's Club.

The pricing is always at least a few cents cheaper than at other gas stations. Every penny counts!

Even if you don't have a membership, you can buy alcohol from many of the stores.

Even if you don't have a membership, you can buy alcohol from many of the stores.

There is a law that doesn't allow the sale of alcohol through members-only arrangements in certain states, so you can take advantage of the discounts even if you don't pay for a membership. You'll probably have to ask for a manager to take you back to the beer, wine, and spirits section.


Order your prescriptions through Sam's Club.

Going through the store can make many prescriptions much cheaper than normal.