This Infographic Helps You Choose Your Career Based on Your Personality Type

Your Myers Briggs personality type says a lot about you. It determines your tendencies toward extroversion or introversion and breaks down other facets of your personality by dividing types into 16 categories. My classification as an INFJ could not be more accurate — I'm a "doer" and a dreamer — while other types like ENTPs are clever extroverts who love debating and problem solving. Based on this knowledge, there are definitely certain jobs that different types are more suited to perform. Many introverts make awesome leaders, but certain classifications of extroverts are perfect for positions of power as well.

Typefinder and Truity Psychometrics put together an interesting (and superhelpful!) infographic that assesses personalities and determines what careers they would be most likely to enjoy and find success in based on their types. See if you agree with yours!