Get Ahead of the Game! 8 Reasons to Be Early to Work

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Arriving early to work might not always sound like the most appealing thing to do, mainly because it means getting up earlier. But there are some great reasons to get ahead of the game — especially if you practice some good morning habits. Check out ways that starting work before the rest of the crowd can make your day more efficient and enjoyable.

1. Your commute is easier.

If you drive, there is significantly less traffic early in the morning. If you use public transportation, you may actually be able to find a seat before rush hour begins!

2. Your morning coffee is fresher.

The later you come in to work, the more likely it is that the coffee has been brewed and sitting for awhile. Getting to work early means making coffee (people will love you!) and having the freshest first cup of the day.

3. The refrigerator is all yours.

Office fridges accumulate so much food so quickly that putting your lunch in sometimes feels like playing a game of Tetris. When you arrive early, you get first dibs on a nearly empty fridge, so you don't have to stuff your food in some corner and find it squished and leaky when you go to eat it later.

4. You have time to plan your day out.

Even if you aren't coming in and getting immediately down to work, arriving early means having the luxury of taking your time and making a plan for the day. When you have a solid to-do list, you work more efficiently.

5. There are limited distractions.

If you have a hard time getting work done from home, coming to work when the office is empty is a great way to buckle down, focus, and get a good chunk of work completed without anything to distract you.

6. You can score face time with the boss.

Most likely, your boss is one of the first people to arrive in the morning. If you're already there, or if you arrive around the same time as they do, you're able to have more one-on-one interactions with your employer than you may be able to when a larger group is involved. Who knows where getting in good with the boss can lead!

7. You get the inside information.

As people trickle in, you're able to speak to everyone and cover all of your bases. Whether it's just a quick hello or more in-depth conversation, you get to take part in it all.

8. You're able to leave earlier.

One of the biggest perks of arriving early is that you will probably finish your tasks sooner and be able to head out before you would be able to otherwise. This means you can get that workout in before your dinner plans or drop off your dry cleaning before the store closes.