17 Ways to Save (at Least) $1 a Day

It's true: the little things add up. As anyone who ever had a piggy bank knows, small, everyday actions can help you save big. Hoping to create a financial cushion for yourself this season? Follow these 18 easy tricks to save at least a dollar a day.

  1. Hold the milk. In your coffee, that is. If you regularly stop at the coffee shop on your way to work, order it black to avoid any extra costs.
  2. Go generic. At the grocery store, pick the generic variety of different foods to save big on pantry staples.
  3. Keep the change. Sure, sometimes it's annoying to have change littering your purse or jangling in your pocket, but you'd be surprised by how quickly those nickels add up.
  4. Swap soda for water. If you can't give it up altogether, vow to sip water instead of soda during at least one meal each day.
  5. Fuel up for less. Unless it's required for your specific car model, nix the premium gas habit and use gasbuddy.com to find the cheapest gas in the area.
  6. Find free WiFi. Work in cafes or libraries with free WiFi. Not sure which spots offer Internet? Use the Free Wi-Fi app to scope out local places with wireless access.
  7. Practice your sewing skills. Skip a trip to the tailor and learn to do the simple adjustments yourself, like shortening a hem or taking in a blouse.
  8. Video chat to save minutes. Rather than spending an hour on your cell phone, use free services like Skype or Google Chat to catch up with your friends.
  9. Choose free apps. Are the premium features really that great? If not, pick the free version of your favorite smartphone apps to avoid unnecessary costs.
  10. Use a rewards card. Get major price cuts at the grocery store by using a rewards card. Even better? Look online before shopping to see if there are any coupons available for your must-have items.
  11. Check out free ebooks. Search Amazon for free titles to save big on your reading habit. You'll be able to explore new authors and genres without spending a dime.
  12. Pick takeout over delivery. Too busy — or, OK, lazy — to cook? Dodge extra delivery fees and tip dollars by ordering takeout instead.
  13. Turn off lights. Leaving multiple lights on throughout the day can cost you, so lower your electricity bill by making sure to turn off every light before you head to work. (Plus, it's good for the environment!)
  14. Skip the condiment extras. Sandwich add-ons like avocado and cheese quickly add up. If you need more flavor, ask your server to pile on a little more of the free stuff.
  15. Choose app over print. Save on your New York Times subscription by switching to digital access. For $3.75 a week, you'll have unlimited access to the publication's website as well as their smartphone app.
  16. Use a thermostat. Automatically adjust the temperature of your home by using a thermostat. To save energy, remember to leave it on rather than turning it on and off when you start to feel hot or cold.
  17. Dry your clothes on a rack. Instead of putting a dollar into the dryer — and possibly another dollar if your items are still damp — hang your clothes on a drying rack.