9 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Cash at Walgreens

If you're anything like me, you'd rather get a drugstore gift card than just about anything else when the holidays roll around. Walgreens, in particular, is among my favorites. It's convenient — I swear there's one on every corner! — it's decently priced, and it has basically everything I need to function as a human in society. Apart from, you know, wardrobe essentials (and even then, I've seen some pretty cool local sweatshirts at the front of the store!). If you're an avid Walgreens-goer, see the nine tips ahead for saving even more cash than you already are by shopping there.

  1. Look for the sale section. One thing you may happen to miss at your local Walgreens is the sale section! If there is one, it tends to be in the back, and it's full of random goodies such as cosmetics, household products, and toys. You'll know you're in the right place if the items have the neon sale stickers on them.
  2. Get a Walgreens card. There's no good reason not to become a Balance Rewards member . . . especially if you're a frequent shopper. It's completely free to join! Upon purchasing items at the store and presenting your card, you begin to build up rewards points (or Everyday Points, as Walgreens calls them). To put it in perspective, 5,000 points = $5. If you work hard to save 'em up, you could earn $50 (40,000 points)! You get 10 points per $1 on nearly everything (alcohol, tobacco, and dairy items are excluded because of state and federal laws).
  3. Invest in your fitness. Yes, really. Walgreens gives Balance Rewards points to shoppers who walk, track their blood pressure, manage their weight, and more. It's all part of the Walgreens Healthy Choices program!
  4. Take advantage of the coupons. Walgreens is always offering a slew of bargains. The weekly ad (which you can print out) and paperless coupons are worth leafing through before you head to the store.
  5. Shop the website. If you wish to reap the benefits of Walgreens without ever leaving your couch, you're in luck. Walgreens has an online-only deals section!
  6. Go for the Walgreens brand. The Walgreens brand is generally cheaper than regular store brands. And, really, what's the difference between the Walgreens hand santizer and Purell's? Just that the latter is more expensive than the former.
  7. Become a member of the Prescription Savings Club. Walgreens offers awesome discounts on thousands of prescriptions if you become a Prescription Savings member. This is especially useful if you tend to refill your prescriptions at the Walgreens pharmacy.
  8. Never miss the weekly deals. On the left-hand side of the Walgreens homepage, you're given the option of signing up for weekly deals. All you have to do is enter your email address, and you'll never miss a nice bargain again. (You can also download the free app, if it suits your fancy!).
  9. And don't miss the monthly deals, either. The chain offers a monthly savings booklet near the entrance of the store. Be sure to snag it! (For reference, here are the discounts offered in the April 2016 booklet.)