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2017 National Geographic Nature Photography Contest Pictures

15 Stunning Photographs For This Year's Nat Geo Nature Photo Contest


It's easy to get overwhelmed by, and lost in, the immense beauty of nature. The way incredible photos of the world around us can make us feel really is humbling — and probably a good reminder to fiercely protect our planet so future generations can enjoy it, too. If you need a quick reminder of what earth has to offer, take a look at this year's entries for the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest. The yearly contest always brings together a collection of stunning images that might make you pack your bags, buy an airplane ticket, and get going.

This year's contest includes four categories that anyone can submit to: wildlife, landscapes, underwater, and aerials. The grand prize winner will score $10,000, see their winning photograph published in National Geographic, and get some love on the magazine's Instagram page. Each category will also have its own first-prize winner, who will win $2,500 and also be featured on the National Geographic Instagram page. Voting will be open from Dec. 1-11.

Ahead, see some of our favorite submissions so far, which include the photographer's caption and title for the photograph.

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