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Avocado Proposal Instagram Trend Details

The Case Against Using Avocados in Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals are a chance to show your creative side, to create a memory that will live on forever between you and your (soon-to-be official) significant other. But on Feb. 20, we learned the hard way that there is such a thing as going too far with your creativity, and it's all thanks to a story from Today that highlighted one hell of a baffling trend: avocado proposals.

To be clear, you didn't just totally misread what the trend is. It really, truly is something that very minimally exists on the internet (see: the #avocadoproposal hashtag on Instagram), but I'm here to say that there are absolutely no circumstances under which this should become a widespread thing. I mean, come on; even on the most basic of levels, nobody has perfect timing, and the likelihood of successfully managing to avoid the natural browning of an avocado exposed to the elements is insanely low. And let's be honest — the likelihood that your partner will be excited to receive a mushy, brown piece of fruit (or for those of you avocado aficionados out there, a berry) with a diamond buried inside is even lower than sticking the landing on this type of proposal.

Outside of the execution of the act itself, there's also the fact that as with most things related to avocados, an avocado proposal isn't likely to be a life-long hip trend, or something that will extend past our current avocado-toast-loving generation. In other words, there's a high probability that you will become the subject of a trend piece (such as this one), and numerous questions as to why you needed so desperately to include an avocado in a thing that is generally such a pivotal moment in one's life. Sure, your significant other might love avocados, but are they in love with avocados — in love with them enough to have them be part of the moment you decide to spend the rest of your lives together? Unless you have some serious backstory that involves something mysteriously discovered in a store-bought avocado, chances are the answer is no.

Don't just take my word for it, though. A quick search on Twitter reveals that I am not alone — and there are others out there fighting the good fight against this becoming anything more than just a simple, short-lived fad. And here's hoping that once you've had a chance to digest the argument, so to speak, perhaps you too will join me on my quest to kill this trend right here and now.

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