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Holidays Tips For LGBTQ+ People
4 Survival Tips For LGBTQ+ Folks Heading Home For the Holidays
This Is Why It Feels So Good to Give Back
Can a Man Get a Hysterectomy?
Women's Health
What It's Like to Get a Hysterectomy as a Transgender Man
Sorry, Barack Obama — Joe Biden Has a New Best Friend, and He's Majorly Cute
For You Music Video With Sexual Assault Survivors and Allies
Sexual Harassment
Watch What Happens When 39 Women Come Together to Make a Music Video About Sexual Assault

Bhumika Shrestha Fights For Third Gender in Nepal

From Outcast to Role Model: Meet Nepal’s First Transgender Congressperson

As a teenager, Bhumika Shrestha was kicked out of school for dressing like a girl. Today, she's Nepal's first transgender congressperson. This is her story . . .

Image Source: Bhumika Shrestha
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