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Chelsea Handler Video on Why Women Should Vote 2016

Drop Everything and Watch Chelsea Handler's Hilarious Rap Song About Voting

Chelsea Handler has a message for all the ladies out there: vote! In a new video for POPSUGAR, the comedian raps about why it's so important for women to participate in this historic election. Her hilarious song gives a shout-out to Susan B. Anthony for leading the way for the female vote and reminds us how young females are one of the biggest demographics with the power to sway the outcome of the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump showdown.

Check out one of her most memorable lines:

"So to all my girls and all my girls' squads:
Get out and vote and control your bods
There are too many issues at stake this year
Affecting women's lives — can I be more clear?"

Watch the full video and take Chelsea's advice by using our voter registration tool in partnership with Rock the Vote. Just make sure to do so before your state's deadline and spread the word using the hashtag #psrockthevote.

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