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Donald Trump's Arizona Immigration Speech

5 Things From Trump's Outrageous Immigration Speech That Are Complete Nonsense

Image Source: Getty / Ralph Freso

Any hope that Donald Trump was shifting toward a less hateful rhetoric died with the speech he gave on Wednesday night.

After his contentious meeting with Mexico's Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City, the GOP nominee hosted an event in Arizona to outline his immigration proposals. Appearing angry and shouting often, he offered the 10 steps he'd take if he were president. The big picture? He'd start by building a "beautiful" tall wall, deporting undocumented immigrants immediately, tripling the number of immigration and customs agents, and making sure no one who entered the country illegally would be able to obtain legal status or become a citizen of the US.

We also heard one of his most extreme proposals yet when he said all undocumented immigrants who were arrested for (not convicted of) any crime would get deported. Throughout the hour-plus speech, Trump deployed racist tactics, painting immigrants as job-stealing, uneducated criminals.

Here are some of the most nonsensical parts:

Trump's speech was of a much different tone than the one he gave hours earlier in Mexico, where he called Mexicans amazing, spectacular, hard-working people.

Not only did Trump's plan sound fiscally unreasonable given the cost of a big wall and three times more ICE officers, but it was also filled with racist undertones. Here's how Twitter responded:

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