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Donald Trump Drops Clinton Email Investigation Promise

Donald Trump Won't Investigate Hillary Clinton and 4 Other Stories to Know Nov. 22

  • Well here's a campaign promise Donald Trump is already dropping: the president-elect won't pursue criminal investigations against Hillary Clinton related to her email server or family foundation. Kellyanne Conway, his senior transition adviser, appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe and discussed Trump's desire to leave campaign issues behind. Conway said that included Clinton's use of private emails and the pay-for-play claims Trump alleged about the Clinton Foundation. "If Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that's a good thing," Conway about Clinton.
  • It's not a joking matter anymore. After cancelling the remaining 21 shows in his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye West was hospitalized on Monday evening. According to reports, West was seen for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. His physician told People that November is already a trying to time for him since his mother died during this time, but he feels like his "spirit is under attack."
  • Today in history: John F. Kennedy was assassinated 53 years ago in Dallas. The charismatic president was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald as he travelled through the city in the back of a car for a parade. His wife, Jackie Kennedy, was by his side when the bullets struck him. Kennedy was 46 when he died.
  • If you're flying Lufthansa for the holidays, you're in for a rude surprise. The German airline's pilots are planning to strike on Wednesday over pay — which means the airline will be forced to cancel 876 flights. According to Lufthansa, over 100,000 people will be affected by the cancellations.
  • Speaking of drama, Gigi Hadid has apologized for making fun of Melania Trump during the American Music Awards on Sunday night. During the show, Hadid mocked Melania's accent and facial expressions and said, "I love my husband, President Barack Obama." In a handwritten note posted to Twitter, Hadid wrote, "I apologize to anyone that I offended and have only the best wishes for our country."
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