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Donald Trump Tweets About Wrestling CNN Fake News

In Truly Unhinged Tweet, Trump Shares WWE Clip Showing Him Attacking CNN

On Sunday, July 2, President Trump unleashed yet another attack on the media. After his widely condemned attacks on MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts earlier in the week, Trump uploaded an edited GIF of himself assaulting a CNN logo. The violent clip comes from a 2007 WWE WrestleMania event Trump participated in, but the dangerous message it sent to news outlets that criticize him was heard loud and clear. "#FraudNewsCNN" he hashtagged the tweet, which has since raised concerns for many journalists, including those who work for CNN.

Read on to see CNN's response to Trump's tweet, which the network considers Trump's way of encouraging violence against reporters, and then read what other journalists and political commentators had to say about Trump's troubling tweet ahead.

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