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Ellen DeGeneres Speaks About Antigay Bill in Mississippi

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Personal in a Touching Speech Against the New Antigay Law

Ellen DeGeneres slammed the antigay bill that was signed into law by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant on Tuesday. The "religious freedom" bill says that people can claim religious reasons in order to deny gay people marriage, adoption, and foster care services; they can also fire or refuse to hire them and decline to rent or sell property to them.

"I'm not a political person, I'm really not. But this is not politics — this is human rights," said the talk show host. "And when I see something wrong, I have to talk about it."

In a touching moment, she shared her own experience as a gay woman. "If you're anywhere and saddened by the fact that people are judging you based on who you love, don't lose hope," she said. "I was fired for being gay and I know what it feels like. I lost everything — but look at me now."

Of course, she found a way to add humor to her monologue: "I think that we need to remember we are more similar than we are different. And we all want the same things: love, acceptance, kindness — and I want one of those new Teslas."

Watch the full clip and check out more videos from Ellen DeGeneres.

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