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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to President Trump July 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Sets the Record Straight After President Trump Fabricates a Story About Him

Another day, another late-night host spars with President Donald Trump. Just a few weeks after Jimmy Fallon used his opening monologue to respond to Trump's criticism, Jimmy Kimmel took the President to task during his show on July 9 for comments he made at South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster's rally. While Kimmel explored the Montana wilderness without cell reception or WiFi, Trump recounted his version of a visit he had to Jimmy Kimmel Live before he became president. According to Trump, Kimmel waited on Hollywood Boulevard to greet him before the show, which he does "for nobody."

In his own monologue Kimmel agreed, he does that for no one, including Trump himself. The 50-year-old host said the encounter never happened that way because he has a long-standing tradition of waiting to greet guests so he can have an authentic first meeting with them on camera. "It's weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you," Kimmel told the audience. Watch the video above to see his full (hilarious) reaction, as well as his own "true story" about Trump's visit to the show.

Image Source: ABC
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