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John Oliver on Trump Saying People Are Happy When Confused

The 1 Easy Way to Tell When Donald Trump Is in Over His Head

President Donald Trump talks. A lot. And while he always attempts to answer the questions asked of him in a public setting, that doesn't mean those bluff-laden, pass-the-buck answers actually provide any information or indicate that the president knew what was being asked in the first place. Just ask John Oliver, who masterfully tackled the Trump response mechanism during the Sept. 10 episode of Last Week Tonight. Oliver doesn't just identify the president's number-one tell for when he absolutely does not have an answer to the question at hand or know what's going on — he demolishes it.

"Listen, because this is important: any time Trump says he's 'going to make people happy,' or that 'you're going to be happy in the future' . . . that means he has got nothing and he is trying to end the conversation," he explains. Oliver then points out that Trump's explanation to the press on his decision to end DACA illustrates this tactic perfectly — but adds, "he doesn't just do it with immigration, he does it with everything." And just what does "everything" consist of? "Border safety, the Middle East, steel tarrifs, replacing Obamacare, and infrastructure," to name a few.

What really drives it all home, however, is the metaphor he uses to illustrate the flaw in the president's many, many vague answers to policy questions. "Laying out a government policy that's just 'you'll be so happy' is like naming a restaurant You're Gonna Be So Full," he says, adding, "OK, that's the goal. But how? What am I filling myself with? Is it Asian fusion or wet cement?"


Watch the clip from Last Week Tonight in full above.

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