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Little Miss Flint Photo With Donald Trump

People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Hilarious Photo of Little Miss Flint Meeting Trump

A photo of Little Miss Flint standing next to Donald Trump has gone viral because she looks, well, extremely uncomfortable.

Little Miss Flint, whose real name is Mari Copeny, became a mini celebrity after the 8-year-old sent a letter to President Barack Obama in April about the water crisis in Flint, MI. She asked to meet him while she was in Washington DC observing the congressional hearings for Governor Rick Snyder related to the crisis and wrote, "I am one of the children that is effected by this water, and I've been doing my best to march in protest and to speak out for all the kids that live here in Flint." Copeny didn't meet the president in April but did so a month later when Obama visited Flint to address the emergency.

What makes Copeny's photo with Trump stand out even more is how it compares to the picture she took with Obama, where she's seen smiling and hugging the president.


Twitter was quick to react to the Trump photo:

Imgur users couldn't help but alter the photo thanks to the power of Photoshop:

Copeny's mother, LuLu Brezzell, told reporters she's an independent and hadn't made up her mind about who she'd be voting for in November. If her daughter's reaction is any indication, though, Hillary Clinton can count on another vote in Michigan.

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