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We're Rooting For the Author of a Brutally Honest Yelp Review, and the Reason Will Surprise You

Matthew Goodyear admits he's not one for posting Yelp reviews each and every time he eats out, but after a morning of serious self-reflection, he knew it was time for his first post. After the 27-year-old finally realized that he was losing an ongoing battle with alcohol, he decided to open up about his struggle in a brutally honest Yelp review of a little place called Pignone's Café.

"I realized that Oct. 23, 2017 was Day 1 of my sobriety. I am an alcoholic and an addict, and I finally accepted those two things while I was sitting at the corner table of this café at 6 a.m. hungover with a five-hour car ride ahead of me. Step 1 of the 12 Step Program is acceptance. It was in this place that I finally accepted what I am. I can finally move on with my life and deal with my issues. I will be OK. Eventually," he wrote.

Those who struggle with alcoholism know just how vicious of a cycle it can be. You drink to blow off steam or simply to forget the embarrassing things you did or said the last time you were drunk — and that's when it really gets messy. Goodyear explained just how bad it can get: "I hit rock bottom for the first time in NYC in October 2013. Then I hit a new low, my current rock bottom, last October. It was scary. Still is, actually. Massive panic attack. Couldn't sleep for four straight days. It was brutal. That made me turn to drinking even [more.] That's not the solution to anyone's problems. Certainly not any of mine."


He also reminded readers that alcoholism and addiction affect way more lives than just the person drinking:

[October is my mom's] favorite month for many reasons. Least of which is probably the fact she was born then. Anyway, her new favorite reason to love October can be because it is when I finally stopped drinking. She has wanted me to stop for a long time. Longer than anyone else. Forever, really. She didn't want me to start. It runs in the family, on both sides, with both of my parents, unfortunately. Neither of them are, but it's a slippery slope. I slipped immediately. Sophomore year of high school. I liked it way too much, right away. Being a beer pong beast didn't help, but it always turned me into an animal. That's not how I will act moving forward. That is a very good thing.

Other than detailing the challenges many people are too afraid to admit they deal with each and every day, Goodyear had some practical advice for anyone who plans to visit Pignone's Café: "The people are nice, and most importantly, the food is great . . . Two thumbs up, five stars, whatever. Go to this place. Support their business. They take plastic, and there is a Bank of America right next to it. I went to the ATM so I could leave a 100 percent tip on my meal. I am not bragging. I am also not rich. Not even close. But they deserved it. Perfection."

Talk about an honest review.

Image Source: Matt Goodyear
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