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Mike Pence's Selfie With House Republicans

Can You Spot What's Missing From This Selfie of House Republicans?

House Republicans recently shared a photo on Twitter of Vice President-elect Mike Pence taking a selfie with representatives from the GOP. It wasn't long until Twitter users began to point out that there was something off about the photo. Paired with a simple caption that reads "UNIFIED," it shows a lack of racial, gender, and age diversity.

The photo mirrors the current demographics of House Republicans. According to the House of Representatives, the Republican party currently has 10 Latino, one Asian-American, two black, and 23 female representatives. For comparison, the Democratic party boasts 26 Latino, 11 Asian-American, 43 black, and 88 female representatives.

Pence's selfie is reminiscent of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's photo with Republican house interns, which also went viral for showing a jarring lack of diversity in the party.

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