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Paul Ryan Confused by Dabbing Teen

Watch This Teen Become a National Hero After Dabbing in Front of a Confused Paul Ryan

After the new Congress had been sworn in on Jan. 3, Kansas Representative Roger Marshall and his family posed for a photo with Speaker Paul Ryan. Before the photographers had a chance to snap a picture, Speaker Ryan noticed Rep. Marshall's teenage son Cal making an odd gesture. The 17-year-old was posing mid-Dab, a dance move popularized by rappers and athletes (most notably Carolina Panthers player Cam Newton).

Paul Ryan was unfamiliar with the popular gesture and was confused by the pose. In the video, Ryan can be heard asking Cal, "Are you all right?" and then, "You want to put your hand down? Were you going to sneeze? Is that it?" The chuckling teen finally lowered his arm for the photo.

According to a tweet by Speaker Ryan, he has since learned that the gesture is called Dabbing, but still doesn't quite understand it.

And representative Marshall reassured Speaker Ryan that Cal has been grounded, but we have a feeling it might have been worth it for Cal.

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