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Pete Souza Calls Out Trump on Twitter Abuse Policy

Obama's Former Photographer Just Owned Trump in the Most Ludicrously Perfect Way

Former White House photographer Pete Souza has once again delivered the most scorching presidential commentary of the week. But this time, he's done it via President Donald Trump's most favorite medium.

Souza, whose post-Washington fame is a result of pitch-perfect Instagram posts critiquing the Trump presidency, switched to Twitter Aug. 11 in order to put forth an entirely different message than what we've seen from him lately. Instead of a calmly delivered burn, Souza instead honed in on a subtweet of epic proportions: a screenshot of one of the seven "abusive behaviors" that can lead to suspension from Twitter. Souza joins an ever-increasing group of individuals calling for the president to either stop tweeting or be pulled off the platform, a group that includes Trump's own voters and an overwhelming majority of American citizens.

"It's time. . ." the tweet's caption reads, and at this point, we're all very much in agreement on that indeed.

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