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Police Brutality Victims Get Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars

An Activist Group Created Powerful Walk of Fame Stars For Victims of Police Brutality

The Hollywood Walk of Fame received some new, unexpected stars for its lineup, courtesy of an activist group. Indecline wanted to remind people of the Black Lives Matter movement by installing Hollywood Walk of Fame stars with the names of eight people whose deaths at the hands of police brutality have been widely publicized.

The stars, according to Sputnik News, went up on March 19 and listed the names of Tamir Rice, Kimani Gray, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, and Freddie Gray. The names were placed onto empty stars with Scotch-Weld adhesive glue and included the group's logo.

The group didn't stop there; they also created a video of the project that includes a Malcolm X speech on police relations.

Indecline also described its project in more depth on 12ozProphet.

"Indecline wanted to basically say that the few men and women featured in this piece, along with the overarching issue that binds them together, are more important than any of the names embedded in a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. Police Brutality and blatant disregard for human rights on behalf of rogue officers of the law are among some of the serious issues at present and they thought this would be a way to engage the public in this conversation."

The plates were apparently removed by March 28, based on a photo, and it's unclear whether Indecline will install the names again.


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This probably won't be the last we see of Indecline's art and actions. The group was also responsible for the life-size naked Donald Trump statues.

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