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President Obama's Biggest Accomplishments

In 7 Tweets, President Obama Just Proved the Power of His Presidency

Like many Americans, President Obama was in a reflective mood on New Year's Day. The president, who has less than three weeks to go until he leaves office, shared a short series of tweets looking back on his time in the White House. He celebrated the realization of marriage equality, Obamacare, historically high job growth, and his wins around clean energy and fuel standards. But his tweets didn't read as a drop-the-mic moment; instead, they read as a passionate, proud look back at all Americans have achieved together in the eight years of his presidency:

President Obama also celebrated our nation's strengthened commitment to civil rights:

He pointed out the positive impact of Obamacare:

And he ended on a humble, hopeful note:

It's almost enough to make us miss 2016. Almost.

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