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Priest's Reaction to Trump's New Travel Ban

A Catholic Priest Sums Up Why Trump's New Travel Ban Is "Anti-Life"

Jesuit priest Father James Martin is no stranger to candidly sharing his thoughts on current political affairs. A New York Times bestselling author, Martin recently went viral for his powerful tweets showing support for transgender students' dignity, and now he's chiming in on President Donald Trump's new travel ban that was announced on March 6.

Following news of the amended ban, which still excludes all refugees for 120 days, Martin fired out two tweets that summed up how the POTUS's policies are still flawed despite the latest version's updates. The Catholic priest pointed out how banning refugees from countries such as war-torn Syria puts those people at a higher risk of death, and is therefore "anti-life."

Martin joins a growing list of people and politicians who have spoken out about the new order, including Senator Kamala Harris who said, "This latest attempt by the Trump Administration to ban new immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries, like the first attempt, undermines our nation's core values, jeopardizes our national security, and hurts our economy."

Image Source: Getty / Thos Robinson
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