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Samantha Bee on Trump's London Terror Attack Tweets

Samantha Bee Proves This Ancient Proverb: "Delete Your Account"

Samantha Bee eviscerated Donald Trump's recent tweets directed at London Mayor Sadiq Khan in her first Full Frontal appearance since the London terror attack on June 3. While wearing a Wonder Woman shirt, Bee urged viewers to simply ignore the president's tweets, as she believes they continue to threaten US-UK relations.

After displaying Trump's controversial tweet directed at Khan, Bee simply asked, "What is wrong with you?" She also hinted at Trump's tension with Khizr Khan during the 2016 Election. "Were you just fulfilling your annual Ramadan tradition of hurling insults at grief-stricken Muslims named Khan?"

Bee ultimately criticized the way in which the current administration handled the recent attack and compared the president's response to a greeting card that reads, "Be more terrified, losers!" She added, "London does not need us to tell them to be more scared, Pumpkin Spice. They've been weathering invasions, attacks, and dark wizards since before America even existed."

What might be the solution to Trump's fear-inducing tweets? Hillary Clinton has an idea.

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