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Saturday Night Live's Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump Skit

Jeff Sessions Explains His "Bad Week" in This Glorious Forrest Gump SNL Spoof

As Saturday Night Live returned with a bang this week, Kate McKinnon suited up as President Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to discuss the bombshell report that reveals he had contact with the Russian ambassador during Trump's campaign.

In the SNL skit, McKinnon plays a Forrest Gump version of Sessions sitting at a bus stop talking to passengers while casually admitting to communicating with Russia. "I talked to the Russians," Sessions says. "Twice. You know, I met with a fellow who turned out to be Russian on the count of he was the Russian ambassador."

Sessions continues to ramble, peppering in Gump references, and reveals other members of Trump's cabinet who also talked to the Russians. "Just me, Michael Flynn, and J.D. Gordon," he says. "And Jared Kushner at Trump Tower . . . and Carter Page. That's all I gotta say about that . . . and Paul Manafort!"

The best surprise comes toward the end of the skit when Octavia Spencer, the celebrity host for the week, shows up to reprise her Oscar-winning role as Minny Jackson, a maid from the 2011 film The Help. Spencer, as Jackson, offers Sessions a chocolate pie he cannot resist. But we all know what's really inside of it. Watch the full hilarious cold open above.

Image Source: YouTube user SNL
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