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Senator Kamala Harris at Russia Hearing

This Senator's Withering Reaction to Being Manterrupted Is So Very Relatable

Image Source: Getty / Chip Somodevilla

Senator Kamala Harris was none too pleased when she was manterrupted by Senator Richard Burr — not once, but twice — during an intelligence hearing on surveillance and Russia on June 7. The senator from California, who is a seasoned former prosecutor, was cheered on social media for her refusal to back down and her commitment to asking tough questions during the hearing on Capitol Hill. But as she interrogated Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Burr interrupted and talked over her, accusing her of not giving witnesses adequate opportunity to respond to her inquiries. Watch the moment unfold here:

Truly, Harris's "nope" face said it all:

The apparent sexism at play in Burr's treatment of Harris was not lost on Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. Harris's fellow Democrat took to Twitter to point out that, when he asked similarly tough questions in the hearing, Burr didn't cut him off.

And Wyden wasn't the only person to point out the mansplain-y, misogynistic treatment Harris faced:

We think it's safe to say that every woman has encountered a Burr in her life, but we're letting Harris's refusal to be deterred serve as a reminder that, no, we don't have to pardon manterruptions. Burrs of the world, take note.

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