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Video of Woman Hugging Police Officer in Iowa

This Video of a Black Woman Hugging a White Cop After 2 Officers Were Killed Is Going Viral

Something amazingly positive in a morning filled with tragedy.

Posted by KCCI on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

After a man ambushed and murdered two police officers in Des Moines, IA, on Wednesday, the community was struck with grief. However, one woman's simple gesture to mourning police officers is a spotlight of hope amidst a terrible tragedy. Local TV station KCCI captured the moment a black woman brings water to mourning police and hugs a white officer.

The local woman, who was not identified by KCCI, tells the officer that feeding people is the only way she knows how to help and offers them bottled water. There are tears welling in the officer's eyes as the woman says, "I want you to go home to your families because I want my dad to come home to me." At that moment, they embrace with tears streaming down their faces.

Since KCCI posted the video to Facebook, it has gotten over 75,000 views and continues to be shared. Despite ever-mounting racially charged tensions between police and civilians, this video serves as a reminder that even the smallest gestures are powerful.

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