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5 Female-Run Weed Companies That Are Getting the Industry Lifted

Marijuana legalization has taken the country by storm and opened up a new world for entrepreneurs. With sales projecting in the billions in the next few years, there are endless opportunities to both get rich and help improve the lives of millions of people. The green rush is in full effect, and female entrepreneurs are getting in on the action. From home decor to beauty, tech to fashion, these women-run companies are giving female stoners the products they want and changing the cannabis game.

Stonedware Company

Leave it to a woman to give us a gorgeous alternative to the boring pipes and bongs you had in college. Stonedware Company owner and artist Ariel Zimman creates "design-centric smoking wares for the aesthetically inclined." They're beautiful additions to your coffee table or bookshelf, and they're so discreet, your mom won't even notice.

Blunted Objects

Melodie Ling created Blunted Objects to inspire a new generation of stoners to experiment with fashion and not "give a f*ck what society thinks." Every piece from the line of gorgeous, elevated cannabis-themed jewelry aims to make a statement and induce a double take. It does a ton of collaborations with other dope female-run brands like ASCHE Industries. You can proudly rep your weed-loving self and crush the typical "messy stoner" stereotype.

Paragon Coin

Paragon Coin aims to revolutionize the way we fund the cannabis economy — with blockchain technology. Many weed companies that operate legally still aren't able to get bank funding or have an account to deposit the cash they earn. Founder and CEO Jessica VerSteeg aims to fix this problem using cryptocurrency, essentially helping these companies manage their finances using blockchain instead of cash. Both the tech and cannabis industries are notoriously male-dominated, so it's inspiring to see a woman leading the charge.

Yummi Karma & High Gorgeous

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If you're familiar at all with edibles, you've no doubt seen Yummi Karma's chips and popcorn. The edible company was founded by sisters Krystal and Chelsea Kitahara in 2014. Their snacks became such a hit that they decided to take on the beauty industry and launched their cannabis-infused line High Gorgeous. They lead an all-female team on a mission to normalize cannabis products in the food and beauty industries by creating high-quality products that fit into women's lifestyles.

Whoopi and Maya

No "women in cannabis" list would be complete without mentioning Whoopi and Maya. Whoopi Goldberg was quick to leap into the marijuana market and joined forces with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of another cannabis company, Om Edibles. Their line of products includes topicals, tincture drops, and bath soaks, all aimed to ease menstrual pain. Now that's some girl power.

Image Source: Blunted Objects / Eva Napp
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