Banksy's Painting Sold For $1.4 Million and Then It Self-Destructed — Yes, Really

The mysterious artist known as Banksy has trolled the art community in a hilariously harsh way. During an auction at Sotheby's House in London on Oct. 5, Banksy's famous "Balloon Girl" painting sold for $1.4 million — and then shredded itself immediately, possibly increasing its value on the spot. "It appears we just got Banksy-ed," said Alex Branczik, senior director and head of contemporary art, Europe London, in a statement. The artist later shared a video of the process behind the self-destructive piece of art, revealing he secretly built a shredder into the painting "a few years ago."

Keep reading to see how the internet is responding to Banksy's art attack — the reactions to this epic trolling are about as funny as the prank itself.

Banksy Shocked Auction Attendees With His Self-Destructive Painting

The Artist Later Shared a Video of His Plan

Of Course, the Internet Had Some Thoughts About the Prank . . .