A Boy With Cerebral Palsy Got Kicked Out of a Trump Rally — but He Met the President Instead

It's rare that a 12-year-old would be excited by politics, but that's not the only reason JJ Holmes is so unique. Holmes has cerebral palsy and has been following the election passionately, as the outcome could affect how the government treats people with disabilities. So when he begged his mother to let him protest a rally for Donald Trump in Tampa, FL, on Saturday his mother hesitantly obliged.

When JJ and his mother, Alison, arrived at the rally, they were reportedly pushed out by angry Trump supporters. After JJ's vocalized computer system chanted Hillary Clinton's name, the crowd allegedly started pushing his wheelchair out of the rally. Alison told The Washington Post that even Trump himself ordered security to force them to leave by saying, "Get them out."

Kimberly DeFalc, a local reporter, witnessed the entire incident and posted about it to Facebook. Rather than just expressing how disturbing the event was and how "Trump supporters gathered to push JJ's wheelchair out of their space," DeFalc wanted to create an unforgettable opportunity for JJ and asked her network if anyone could arrange a meeting between JJ and the president. Her idea worked.

President Obama addressed a crowd in Orlando, FL, on Sunday and met JJ at the rally. While it's unclear what JJ and Obama talked about, he made his opinion about Clinton's opponent quite clear when attending his rally. "I hate Donald Trump," JJ programmed his computer to say.