Mike Pence Has a Bunny Named Marlon Bundo and It's Really F*cking Cute

President Donald Trump's White House may contain plenty of divisive figures, but one exceptionally fluffy member remains above the political fray: Marlon Bundo, Vice President Mike Pence's rabbit. Named after actor Marlon Brando, the beloved black-and-white bunny clearly takes his BOTUS (Bunny of the United States, of course) duties seriously. He's been spotted spending time with children of military families and has even become the first-ever bunny to ride on Air Force Two. Most importantly, he is extremely cute.

So, if you're looking for some-bunny (sorry) to restore your faith in paw-litics (last one!), look no further than White House resident Marlon Bundo. Without further ado: the cutest snaps of our official BOTUS.


Marlon Bundo Knows His Way Around the Constitution of the United States

He even has his very own bunny-size version of it for easy reference.


He's Got an Impeccable Poker Face

It's a real asset when negotiating complex international deals.

He's Adored by People of All Ages
Getty | Chip Somodevilla

He's Adored by People of All Ages

Marlon Bundo's cuteness crosses generational divides.


He Isn't Afraid to Reach Across the Aisle to Get Something Done

Marlon is ready and willing to work with other members of the animal kingdom, if need be. Yes, even cats.

He Is an Adept Public Speaker
Getty | Mandel Ngan

He Is an Adept Public Speaker

He just needs a little lift to reach the microphone.


He's a Total Mama's Boy

And a superb gift-giver, according to this photo.


Finally, Marlon Bundo Stands Up For What He Believes In

And what he believes in is being exceedingly adorable at all times.