8 Hilariously Sad Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said

Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee and frontrunner after winning the Nevada caucus, isn't known for having a filter. Time after time, we've been left scratching our heads, unsure if he actually said the quotes attributed to him or if we're hearing a joke. An Instagram account called Darn Old Trump is now immortalizing those questionable comments . . . and providing an only slightly unnerving photo of Trump's face photoshopped as a giant mouth.

While you sit in disbelief that a presidential candidate actually spoke these words, we remind you that the same candidate was also the subject of a Comedy Central roast four years ago.

On how he thinks you should treat women:

On the size of . . . we don't want to know:

On rape in the military:

On his intelligence:

On torture:

On his daughter's figure:

On being a "vet":