Here's What Happens When You Ask Americans to Locate North Korea on a Map

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President Donald Trump threatened to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea on Aug. 8, leaving many wondering if the ongoing war of words between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un might be taking a more serious turn. But while Twitter was biting its nails and preparing for the apocalypse, our country's late-night shows took an altogether different tack: they lambasted the hell out of the whole scenario. The real winner of the night, however, was Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel and his crew took to the streets of Los Angeles armed with the knowledge that, according to a new CNN poll, 50 percent of Americans believe that action needed to be taken against North Korea. His task? To figure out just how many people can identify where the country — one which 72 percent of those polled believe is capable of a strike against the US — is located on a map. And it should come as no surprise that a whole lot of people had almost no idea what the answer to that question was.

There may still be a whole lot of uncertainty about just how this whole scenario will shake out, but it's abundantly clear that as a country we really need to spend a bit more time buried in some geography textbooks — or at least not weigh in on foreign policy before we've done so.