A Justin Trudeau Calendar Now Exists — Justin Time For 2018!

As the year comes to a close, shoppers are starting to plan ahead, set a few resolutions, and look toward the coming year. It might be a mundane task, but they're shopping for calendars, too. And what have they found? The Justin Trudeau My Canadian Boyfriend 2018 Wall Calendar.

In stores throughout the country, people are coming across the delightfully corny calendar dedicated to Canada's attractive prime minister. The calendar consists of 12 surprisingly distinct shots of the world leader. There's Trudeau wearing a suit, posing with a puppy, jogging, and even wearing a cowboy hat! He sure is versatile!

Made by Universe Publishing, the calendar is currently available online for $13 at Amazon and Walmart, to name a few. Though we can't anticipate what the year will have to offer given the emotional roller coaster that was 2017 — to put it lightly — we're pretty certain this calendar has the potential to put a smile of anyone's face.