A GOP Rep Tried Schooling Maxine Waters on Discrimination — and She Shut Him Right Down

Rep. Maxine Waters continues to reclaim her time. On May 8, the California congresswoman faced off against Rep. Mike Kelly after the Pennsylvania lawmaker made some unsavory remarks about discrimination. The heated debate took place during a meeting in which the House successfully annulled legislation put in place during Barack Obama's presidency to protect consumers from racial discrimination by car loan providers.

"We are trying to make sure that we're making America great every day and every way," Kelly said, addressing Waters. "The best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation."

Waters had a sharp reply for Kelly as he stepped away from the microphone. "Mr. Kelly, please do not leave," she said, "because I want you to know that I am more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be." Watch the exchange in its entirety above.

Waters, who was clearly and rightfully offended by Kelly's call to simply "stop talking about discrimination," wasn't done. "Don't tell me that we don't understand," she said. "That's the attitude that's been given towards women time and time again. Don't you dare talk to me like that and think that somehow women don't understand what goes on on the floors of automobile dealers."

Rep. Tom McClintock then asked that Waters address him, the chairman, and not Kelly directly, to which she said, "I don't appreciate that you did not interrupt him while he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination. I resent that," she said. "Having said that, I reserve the balance of my time and, no, I do not yield not one second to you."

You can watch the exchange in its entirety above, but be warned: you might just burst into applause.