Throw On This Maxine Waters Pin and the Side-Eye Will Go Wherever You Go

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Rep. Maxine Waters is the shade-throwing icon of the modern day. Whether she's silencing Fox News' Bill O'Reilly after his horribly offensive diss of her hairstyle or standing up to each and every corrupt official she faces, the California congresswoman is an inspiration. After the 2016 presidential election, Waters has become a voice of hope for women and a constant source of empowerment. And for that reason, we want her with us at. all. times. Slap on this Maxine Waters Reclaiming My Time Pin ($2) to relive one of her most iconic moments — when Waters shut down Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during a committee meeting in July, interjecting that she was "reclaiming [her] time" multiple times. We'll be reclaiming our time each and every day with this empowering pin. Maxine for president!