Obama's Appearance in NYC Is Sending the Internet (and the Streets) Into a Frenzy

President Barack Obama is back from living his best life on vacation to grace the streets of New York City. On Feb. 24, Obama was spotted leaving a building in the Flatiron District, drawing a rock-star-size crowd. Allan Smith of Business Insider captured the exit, which you can watch below.

President Obama leaving 160 5th ave just now pic.twitter.com/kowtqnif9W

— Allan Smith (@akarl_smith) February 24, 2017

Obama has been relatively mum about what his exact plans are after office. However, the former president has indicated that he would begin work on the Obama Foundation with his wife Michelle. The foundation's focus is on assisting private citizens in pursuing political offices, and it will be based in Chicago, IL. Obama described their efforts as "a living, working center for citizenship" when he announced the venture in a video released just before they moved out of the White House.

Obama just left a meeting off 5th Ave. Hundred outside cheering. pic.twitter.com/6oPC3yCEEX

— Alex Heath (@alexeheath) February 24, 2017

While it's unclear why Obama was in NYC, it's apparent from the clip that he's embracing a business-casual attitude.