Donald Trump's Adviser Just Went on CNN and Quickly Became the Internet's Biggest Joke

Donald Trump's adviser and lawyer Michael Cohen went on CNN to talk about the presidential race and ended up spawning the day's biggest internet joke.

When asked by anchor Brianna Keilar about the campaign's hiring of new senior officials while Trump is significantly down in recent polls, Cohen answered by saying, "Says who?" multiple times. Keilar cited the polls — "all of them" — between one of the most awkward pauses in television history. Watch the exchange here.

Shortly after the interview, "Says who?" started trending on Twitter and not for reasons the Trump campaign would hope.

Brain:You are hungry
Me:"Says Who"?
Brain:Your stomach
Me: But I allready eat
Stomach: foood

— Orlando Mau Gar. (@orlan_9g) August 17, 2016

Not to nitpick but the correct answer to "Says who?" is actually "YOUR MOM."

— Mary Beth Williams (@embeedub) August 17, 2016

"you're losing"
"says who"
"literally everyone"
"nope" *plugs ears, dreams of death*

— Nathan Kuehnl (@nkuehnl) August 17, 2016

— Anthony De Rosa (@Anthony) August 17, 2016

From now I'm just responding "Says who?" to anyone who questions my opinions.

— Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) August 17, 2016

"I solve murders."
"Says who?"
"Which ones?"
"All of them."

— Slade Sohmer (@Slade) August 17, 2016