A Man Started Singing "Lean on Me" Outside the White House, and Protesters Joined In

Protesters in Washington DC united for a powerful and peaceful moment on Wednesday night, as they sang together in front of a blockaded White House. As demonstrators continued to call for justice for George Floyd and countless other slain Black Americans, singer Kenny Sway set up in the middle of the crowd for a poignant and beautiful rendition of "Lean on Me," originally performed by Bill Withers. Protesters quickly joined in and conveyed a message of support for one another as they swayed with their phone flashlights shining.

Shabtai Gold, journalist with the German Press Agency, caught the moment on camera and it's a stunning sight to behold. Watch his clip below to see the moment for yourself, and then check out ways you can help in the fight for racial justice, even if you can't attend a protest yourself.