The Cast of The West Wing Has a Message For Every American About Voting Rights

It will be 12 years this May since The West Wing ended its seven-season run, but the Aaron Sorkin drama continues to be one of the most loved (and binged) television series in history. The show's in-depth, highly addictive depiction of the inner workings of the White House is something that has continually served as a cultural touchpoint for the American democracy; even today, watching the plot unfold on the small screen can deliver brand-new meaning to the headlines we read and new depth to the punditry we witness on a day-to-day basis.

But while the cast may just play politicos on TV, in the past they've come together to use their TV fame to stump for issues they feel strongly about in real life, like in 2015 when they reunited in partnership with the Obama administration to transform a first-season episode into a clever engagement campaign. But on March 22, the cast once again reassembled for an issue that should be top of mind for all Americans in 2018: voting rights.

In order to bring awareness to an issue that has the potential to fall through the cracks without our sincerest attention, NowThis produced a video that reminds us all why we loved each and every character in the long-running series so much and how important it is for all of us to exercise our civic duty in the midterm elections and cast ballots at our polling places. Above, watch the video in full — and hot tip, there's no shame in streaming all of The West Wing on Netflix tonight; it's certainly what I'll be doing, in lieu of cable news.