The Committee to Investigate Russia Launches to Combat the Russian Threat With Knowledge

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Nearly a year after Russia successfully interfered in the 2016 election, one thing remains abundantly clear: America can never let its guard down when it comes to the Russian threat to our democratic process. While we still don't have definitive answers on much of what elapsed during the lead-up to the election — or, frankly, have a plan for what we can do to prevent this sort of thing going forward — what we do have is an issue that individuals on both sides of the aisle are desperate to get to the bottom of. It's against this backdrop that the nonprofit, nonpartisan Committee to Investigate Russia was launched on Sept. 19.

The group's advisory board is a who's who of the most outspoken individuals in America today: former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, award-winning actor and director Rob Reiner, former George W. Bush aide and current Atlantic editor David Frum, AEI scholar Norm Ornstein, famed military historian Max Boot, and popular conservative pundit Charlie Sykes. And their mission? To educate the public on the threat that we face from Russia and to serve as a central location for updates, news, and information on all things related to the issue.

"This isn't about politics, which is why this project is backed by both conservatives and liberals and people with such deep national security expertise," Reiner told The Hill, adding, "It's about a foreign invasion. It's important that every American, regardless of party, can stay informed about and understand this critical threat."

Check out a promo trailer for the effort above — featuring none other than Morgan Freeman! — or head over to the newly launched CIR website for more information on what the group plans to do going forward.