The Heartwarming Story Behind Google's 2018 Earth Day Doodles

To celebrate Earth Day this year, Google has gone the extra mile and created a lovely new doodle. The company partnered with Jane Goodall and The Jane Goodall Institute to create the graphic, through which Goodall shares her own personal message with the world. According to Google, the goal is to tell her story and touch on "what we can all do to have a positive impact on our planet."

To celebrate the amazing collaboration, Google has shared all the different visuals from the doodle. Some apply specifically to Goodall herself; they show her life montage and her work with chimpanzees. Others are a bit more large scale: a call-to-action moment urges viewers to ride more bikes, plant more trees, and recycle, while another shows a beautiful wildlife tapestry coming to life.

As the company notes, Goodall's research on chimpanzees has helped many realize how vital it is to protect humankind's closest living relative. In addition to providing a space for this vital work, Goodall and the institute "aim to educate the world on various other aspects of the global environmental crisis and how each of us can take action to have a positive impact on the planet."