Hold Our Avocados While We Attempt to Explain the New Millennial-Inspired Meme

POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim
POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim

A manufactured millennial catchphrase is currently stirring up conversation, inducing generational clashes, and, of course, making loads of memes. It all began when Ken Norton, a Google Ventures partner, shared a tweet about the nation's ongoing tension with North Korea. In the tweet, a baby boomer is speaking with a millennial about growing up with the fear of nuclear warfare, at which point the millennial says, "Hold my avocado."

Millennial: your generation got houses and jobs

Boomer: yes but we lived with constant fear of nuclear winter

Millennial: hold my avocado

— Ken Norton (@kennethn) August 8, 2017

The ridiculous joke is a play on the whole hold my beer meme — its predecessor, if you will. The joke quickly garnered attention as the tweet amassed over 72,000 retweets and a whopping 200,000 "likes." It even caught the attention of Time, which dubbed "hold my avocado" the "catchphrase millennials have been looking for."

In an absurdly meta turn of events, millennials online then began badgering the magazine for trying to make the phrase more meaningful than it really was. There were people online who felt the phrase did not accurately capture an overall millennial mood, while others are just sick of the whole avocado trope. That being said, we still think it's pretty f*cking funny joke. Now, hold our avocado while we present some of our favorite reactions to this meme.