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Women’s History Month Reading List 2020

8 Books About Remarkable Women in History Ideal For Diving Into This Month

Women’s History Month Reading List 2020
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You've probably heard of Marie Curie, but do you know the story of her daughter Irène, who brought X-rays to the battlefields of WWI, won a Nobel Prize, and was instrumental in the development of nuclear fission and power? You may know of the WWII spy Virginia Hall from books and movies, but have you heard of the unassuming bravery of Andrée Griotteray, the French Resistance fighter who smuggled intelligence to the Allies and helped people escape occupied France, right under the Nazis' noses? Many of the most revolutionary and innovative women in history performed their remarkable feats under the radar, and this Women's History Month is the perfect opportunity to hear their stories.

Next month, Emily Warren Roebling, the untrained engineer who took over the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, will get the spotlight in my debut novel, The Engineer's Wife. Learn her story below, and get seven more books recommendations, a mix of non-fiction and historical fiction, that will reveal the unheralded or shed new light on women you thought you knew.

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