2 Long-Lost Rescue Dogs From Russia Find Each Other in a Seattle Coffee Shop, and It’s All Caught on Camera

Having rescued a Golden Retriever from Taiwan through a popular Northern California organization, I'll be the first to admit that any time I've found a similar looking Golden (thin, short legs, small snout) at the park and learned they were also rescued from Taiwan, I got excited at the thought of them having been related somehow. But I realize that's an absurd pipe dream, especially since my dog is from a puppy mill and there would be no official way to track down that sort of information. But I'm sure not every dog owner walks around hoping to run into someone from their dog's litter.

So when two Golden Retrievers spotted each other at a coffee shop in Seattle, their owners had no idea that they knew each other . . . and how. In a now-viral Reddit video, the dog reunion of the century is caught on camera in the most unsuspecting of ways! "Two couples who didn't know each other were walking through Pike Place Market (Seattle) when their dogs stopped and ran toward each other. Turns out they're sisters from the same litter in Russia. They shared a plane a year earlier but hadn't seen each other since. Now they have regular play dates," the Reddit caption reads.

I feel blessed just to witness this sort of bond via a stranger's video. Good luck not watching this 100 times like I have.