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Wait Till You See How This Dog Reacts When She's Finally Reunited With Her Puppies

Scared mother dog reunited with her puppies

On Saturday, the Marin Humane Society took in a dog surrendered by its owner. They soon discovered the scared, shivering dog had recently had puppies — puppies who were much too young to be separated from mom.After some convincing, the owner surrendered the puppies too. When mom and puppies were reunited, the adorable interaction was captured on video. The great news: Momma dog Cora is back to being a happy, friendly dog and her puppies are in great health too. For more on this sweet family, check out our full story:

Posted by SFGate on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

When the Marin Humane Society in Marin, CA, took in a scared dog named Cora, they initially had no idea she was a mama. Once the people at the shelter found out, they set out in search of the babies, which they knew had to be very, very young. According to SFGate, Cora's former owners eventually surrendered the puppies to the shelter, and everything changed for Cora once she saw her babies again. Watch their sweet reunion above, and find even more amazing pet rescue stories here.

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