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Wilma the Little Pig Running Around the Pool

This Baby Pig Comes Running When Her Owner Calls Her Name, and OMG, Her Little Legs

Bryanna Arrendell, a pig mom to a tiny little piggie named Wilma, says Wilma listens better than her dogs โ€” and she has the hilarious video to prove it. In a clip posted to Twitter, Bryanna can be heard calling Wilma, who is across the backyard on the other side of an in-ground pool. As soon as she hears the sound of her name, the pig looks up and starts running. Her little legs fly around the pool faster than anything, and before you know it, she's pulling in under the shade-covered patio where Bryanna is sitting. For something that contains so little action, it sure is amazing how many times I've watched this adorable video on a loop. See for yourself and watch the sweet little pig running in the video above.

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