Abused, Abandoned Puppies Find Comfort in Each Other

In April, three Pit Bull puppies, Chase, Klondike, and Häagen Dazs, were brought into the Washington Humane Society after being completely neglected by their owner. Klondike and Häagen Dazs, above, found comfort in each other when they first arrived at the vet to be assessed. The two were found to have nasty but treatable cases of mange. Chase, however, was much sicker than the other two. The good news is that things are looking up for all three dogs, according to BarkPost. Since arriving at the shelter, the dogs have gotten healthier, and Häagen Dazs has even found a forever home. Klondike has a foster family, and Chase has a special foster family to continue nursing him back to top form. Scroll through to see the pups when they arrived at the shelter, and then see more recent photos of a much healthier Chase toward the end. His transormation is amazing!