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Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds

If Your Dog Freaks Out Every Time You Leave the House, Try an Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds
Image Source: Pexels / Jodie Louise

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If your dog gets extremely nervous and upset whenever you leave home without them, an anti-anxiety dog bed may be just what the doctor ordered. Anti-anxiety dog beds are designed specifically to help pups manage severe separation anxiety. We spoke with a veterinarian for all the pro tips on choosing the most soothing doggie bed possible.

Dr. Claudine Sievert, DVM suggested getting a dog bed with raised edges or bolsters to evoke the sensation of a secure environment. "Some anti-anxiety dog beds look like nests or even caves to maximize this experience," she said. Dr. Sievert also emphasized the importance of an "extra-soft and cozy surface to serve like a 'cuddler' for a dog to sink right into it and relax."

An anti-anxiety dog bed works best if there is some sort of sensory reminder that the dog associates with his human, Dr. Sievert explained. For example, beds with a self-warming feature or adding a pillow with the human's scent on it may calm the dog and make them think their human is nearby, which could help them to relax.

When it comes to size, Dr. Siervert recommended choosing a bed that is slightly larger than the dog, so that they can cozy up in a variety of sleeping positions.

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