Why Halloween Is a Particularly Scary Holiday For Black Cats

While many of us view Halloween as a time to dress up and have some fun (including dressing up our pets, obviously), the holiday may not be quite as joyous for black cats. These kitties are often seen as an unofficial mascot of the Oct. 31 festivities, but some pranksters like to pick on them during Halloween, according to PetMD. It's possible that these cats are targeted because of old superstitions surrounding them, but whatever the reason, it's important for their owners to be on high alert over the next couple weeks.

The best thing you can do for your black cat is to be sure to keep them inside at all times, according to Dr. Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture. "On occasions where guests enter and leave throughout the night, it's best to keep cats in a bedroom, office, or laundry room with the door shut, leaving them without an opportunity to go outside."

Another tip is to not take your black cat trick-or-treating with you. While you love your cat and he might be the perfect accessory to your costume, he's still an animal that can easily be spooked while out. And as Dr. Barrack points out, "Cats are quick and speedy, and they have excellent night vision, so if they get away it is not only hard to see them — but hard to catch them as well."

By doing these two very simple things, you greatly increase your black cat's chances of staying safe during Halloween, which ensures that your little Halloween mascot will be around to share many more spooky holidays with you!